Cotton Lane Citrus Honey has been bringing our U-Pick Citrus Farm Visitors fresh from the Farm Arizona Raw Honey now for over 5 years. We have two different but both outstanding honeys. First our Killer Bee Honey – yes the bees are Killer Bee hybrids – and they make darn good honey. It is our private label brand and we sell out of it usually very fast each time we harvest it.  The second label is Cotton Lane Citrus Honey – this honey is also Arizona raw honey with all the good pollens and all in it. It comes from hives all over the west valley of Surprise. Like the Killer Bee Honey it is very good and people swear it tastes better than any honey they buy in the store. We think so too but we are biased.

We also package in bear bottles. This can be either brand of honey as we make them up when we can do a run. Again, they are all filled with Arizona Raw Honey and full of all the good stuff people like about raw Honey.

  Note : Prices shown on this web site ALL INCLUDE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE USA 48 States.